Experience the unseen side of car dealerships with "More Than Cars," a raw and artful series that delves into the real-world, human experiences that unfold everyday in car dealerships. Join hosts Paul J Daly and Kyle Mountsier, acclaimed automotive entrepreneurs, as they journey across the country, visiting dealerships, talking to everyday customers, and shining a light on the inspiring stories of the people behind the scenes of the largest retail industry in the country. 

The show takes viewers on a fast-moving journey, blending artful visuals with a vibrant energy that captures the complex "dance" of dealership life. Get an inside look at the connections between staff, customers, and the many departments that keep cars and communities running smoothly.

This eye-opening series breaks stereotypes and reveals the truth that for many car dealerships it's about so much More Than Cars.

Maturity Rating:

Docuseries, Storytelling, Automotive, Dealerships, Retail, Culture, People

Paul J Daly
Paul J Daly
Kyle Mountsier
Kyle Mountsier

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